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FireRein announces Fireground Supply as U.S. Distributor in 10 Key States

November 28, 2023 - FireRein is pleased to announce Fireground Supply as our U.S. Distributor in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. FireRein is a Napanee, Ontario,Canada based clean-tech innovator and are proud makers of Eco-Gel™, the world’s only certified 100% bio-based water additive for firefighting and fire prevention.

“We are extremely pleased and excited to have a partner like Fireground Supply representing us in 10 key states in the U.S.,” says Wayne Maddever, CEO of FireRein. “Fireground’s founders and management team have a long history in the fire service. The Fireground Supply team understands the potential for Eco-Gel™ to not only provide safer conditions for firefighters and the environment compared to current materials but also provide faster and more effective knockdown with less water consumption.”

Eco-Gel™ is an effective, non-toxic alternative for firefighting that reduces the amount of water required, speeds up fire knockdowns, and reduces the chance of rekindle. FireRein is passionate about providing safe solutions for the firefighters that use our products as well as our industrial clients.

“FireRein is impressed by how we have been welcomed into the U.S. market via Fireground Supply’s network and dedication to provide strong customer service. We are excited at the opportunity to work together and offer a safer firefighting solution,” says Quincy Emmons, President and Co-Founder, FireRein.

Fireground Supply is a national, veteran owned, full service fire and police uniform and protective gear provider in Plainfield, IL. “We are very excited to have Eco-Gel™ in our portfolio of best-in-class products offered to the firefighting industry. In our opinion Eco-Gel™ is a game changer in the way future firefighting will be approached,” says Kevin Yeazell, President and CEO of Fireground Supply.

“Having a product that is USDA and UL approved, safe for the firefighter, safe for the environment and helps conserve water in a major way can only be beneficial to everyone when disaster strikes. We look forward to expanding this product across our region.”

For more information on FireRein please visit or e-mail us at info@firerein.comto learn more about the safest fire protection solutions.

About FireRein

FireRein is a clean company founded by firefighters in rural Ontario, Canada, who saw the need to improve the industry with a safe product for both the environment and those fighting fires.

What initially started as plans to build firefighting equipment quickly turned into something more when they found out some ‘green’ foams contain PFAS and many toxic chemicals that harm whole communities.

Determined to provide a truly safe solution, FireRein created Eco-Gel™. Eco-Gel™ is a certified 100% bio-based product that is easy to use and provides all the benefits firefighters are looking for in a water additive.

Eco-Gel™ is UL listed and effective for suppressing class A and class B fires. The product uses less water extinguishing fires faster – all well-being environmentally benign.

About Fireground Supply

Fireground Supply, Inc. began full time operations on July 1, 1999 in downtown Glen Ellyn, IL. Our goal is to provide you and your department the quality products and service that is expected in the fire, police and EMT service industries. Fireground Supply understands the importance of quality and safety with premium decorating on uniforms and gear and that is why we provide only the best products and services.

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