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portfolio investment funnel

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All potential investments go through a 3 staged review process:

  1. The first stage requires a thorough due diligence review of the Company and its business plan by the Portfolio Management team

  2. The second stage involves a detailed review of the Company and Management’s due diligence review with a recommendation from the Investment Management Committee

  3. Third stage requires a pitch by the Company to the Board of Directors.  The Board approves every investment

The SCA Investment fund is currently valued at $30 million and we are actively looking to invest in companies that align with our mission. ​

Do you think your company could be a good fit for an SCA investment? If so, please contact our Business Analyst, Keegan Schnekenburger.

226-778-0020 ext. 247


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Woodland Logo.png

3ENano has developed and is commercializing a low cost, thermally and optically smart, Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coating. Nano this film applied to glass and other transparent media is targeted toward windows, windshields, greenhouses and solar module manufacturers. 

AlumaPower’s breakthrough technology re-invents the aluminum-air battery as a ‘galvanic generator’ – a long-duration energy source that runs on aluminum as a fuel. Its zero-emission operation produces around

4 times the energy density of lithium-ion batteries.

Ardra makes high-purity natural ingredients sustainably. Our ingredients are suitable for use in natural flavors, perfumery and cosmetics formulations. 

CO2 GRO Inc. (GROW.TSXV) is dedicated to increasing the growth of all indoor and outdoor value plants using our advanced CO2 technologies. We increase our clients' plant yields in a safe, sustainable and economic way.  

Comet Bio has a bold vision for the future of ingredients – a vision in which a farm’s entire harvest can be utilized to make high-quality ingredients. Comet Bio has assembled a world class team to develop the technology to convert agricultural residues into high-quality, sustainable ingredients. 

Founded in 2012, e-Zinc is a Toronto, Canada, based corporation that has developed a breakthrough electrochemical technology for storing energy in zinc metal. 

FireRein uses a biodegradeable corn-based fire foam, to reduce the environmental impact of fire suppressants. 

Forward Water Technologies is an independent company that is dedicated to the commercialization of its proprietary forward osmosis technology.  

A clean technology leader that produces value-added synthetic waxes, polymer additives, and other chemicals from recycled plastics.

Out-of-the-box-water reuse technology that creates water-efficient buildings and homes, addresses water scarcity, reduces water costs, and achieves LEED fast and affordably 

​A low cost, sustainable and safe lithium-ion battery recycling technology. 

The leader in the devulcanization and reformulation of innovative and unique rubber materials, compounds
and OEM-manufactured goods

Origin is a new kind of chemical company, focused on the future of materials science. By finding value in underutilized feedstocks like cardboard, wood waste and agricultural residues, we invent new and better materials for humanity. 

Polar Sapphire Ltd. is a manufacturer of high purity aluminum oxide powder (alumina) with a factory located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 

TECTA-PDS today has evolved into a global organization having systems in over 35 countries and has revolutionized the way in which water is being tested around the world in both municipal and industrial environments.  

Vive creates new ways to use trusted products using the Allosperse® Delivery System. Allosperse improves the targeting and performance of pesticide active ingredients.  

Woodland makes clean, renewable fuel at the lowest cost on the planet. Our technology eliminates the use of food to make ethanol by converting waste biomass into ethanol or other high value products. 


Select company names to learn more

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Essential Non Timbers Logo.PNG
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Azule Fuel 

Commercializing novel solid acid catalyst based process to produce high purity glycerin and biodiesel from FFA's. The technology has been fully consolidated by Benefuel. 

Commercializing break through ceramic membrane systems to produce low cost biodiesel and omega-3 fatty acids. 

Benefuel® is an alternative energy company focused on producing fuels, lubricants and chemicals derived from non-food related fats and oils and committed to the principles and practices of sustainability. 


Pioneering succinic acid production and derivatives from sugars. 

Developing high octane bio-gasoline from forest biomass, municipal solid waste and agriculture residues. 

Cellulosic Sugar Producers Co-operative (CSPC) 

The Cellulosic Sugar Producers Co-operative (CSPC) is an Ontario based farmer's co-operative that strives to develop new markets for crop residue materials and new business opportunities, by extracting cellulosic sugars from crop residues. With this, farmers can explore new markets without having to compete for land. 

Duropar is an innovative Canadian company whose goal is to be a worldwide leader in infrastructure components for the railway and municipal industries.  

EcoSynthetix is a renewable chemicals company that specializes in biomaterials used in a variety of end products. 

Essential Non Timber Solutions

Essential Non-Timber Solutions Inc is located in Bancroft, ON and produces high quality and certifiable organic essential oil products from forestry residues.

GreenCore Composites is a cleantech manufacturer of natural fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials for Automotive, Consumer, and Industrial product applications. 

KMX’s membrane distillation systems provide unique, proven and low-cost solutions for brine concentration. 

Commercializing novel continuous flow ion exchange technology for sugar, protein and water applications. 

Ubiquity Solar is developing a proprietary process to produce cost-effective high performance silicon bricks and wafers for optimizing solar cell designs to achieve higher efficiency and energy output.  

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