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Creation of solid identity generates leads for Ardra

March 21, 2023 - Ardra, a pioneer in the realm of sustainable food production, has recently emerged as a key player in the booming market of meat substitutes. Dedicated to revolutionizing the way we approach food, Ardra specializes in producing novel ingredients crucial for crafting plant-based alternatives to traditional meat products. With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, Ardra has positioned itself at the forefront of the movement towards a more eco-conscious and climate-friendly food industry.

Last year, with support from BIC, Ardra embarked on a strategic branding exercise that aimed to propel its novel products into the commercial spotlight. BIC received Government of Canada support through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) to support green, clean and sustainable technology companies, like Ardra, by providing strategic advice and services through the Centre for the Commercialization of Sustainable Chemistry Innovation (COMM SCI). Ardra’s branding initiative, spearheaded by a focus on communication and marketing materials, evolved into a strategic branding guide and a dynamic online presence that clarified the opportunity associated with biologically engineered and precision fermented ingredients originating from non-traditional sustainable sources. The resultant brand will provide a solid foundation for all of Ardra’s future marketing and communications efforts, cementing the opportunity that the company has created to decarbonize our food and beauty sectors.

At the core of this achievement was the meticulous development of a brand for Ardra, demystifying the technologies, and focusing on the industry’s need, ensuring a seamless and compelling narrative across diverse communication channels such as the website, print materials, and social media. The team rallied around a unified vision and mission, fortified by BIC, who conducted a workshop to solidify Ardra's brand strategy and guide.

Guided by this brand compass, Ardra’s identity was brought to life through a visually striking website and communication materials. Collaboratively, the Ardra team, with BIC’s support, crafted compelling copy for the website and presentations. The brand guide served as the cornerstone, influencing every aspect of design and communication development.

The tangible outcomes of this effort were remarkable. Ardra successfully launched a new website ( and essential marketing assets, creating a robust foundation for customer acquisition. The company's differentiation from competitors became unmistakable, thanks to a clear and resonant brand identity.

The true testament to Ardra's triumph came in the form of a lucrative partnership, yielding an impressive $173,500 in sales. The significance of a well-defined brand and communication strategy was underscored in sealing this impactful collaboration. Moreover, the introduction of Ardra's product "heme" generated substantial interest in the market, leading to two letters of intent and clear market signals that ESG business strategies have permeated the global food industry.

Beyond the immediate commercial gains, Ardra's success story exemplifies the profound impact of strategic communication and branding in catalyzing opportunities and driving the commercialization of sustainable alternatives, with the potential to reshape our approach to food and contribute positively to the changing climate.

About Bioindustrial Innovation Canada

Bioindustrial Innovation Canada is a national not-for-profit business accelerator that provides critical strategic investment, advice, and services to developers of clean, green, and sustainable technologies.

For more information about Bioindustrial Innovation Canada (BIC), visit or connect directly with Executive Director, Meaghan Seagrave:   

About Ardra

Ardra delivers sustainable ingredients to elevate the food and beverage formulations targeted at environmentally conscious consumers. Ardra has developed patent protected biological pathways to produce a variety of ingredients including natural flavours and fragrances from commonly available materials such as sugar thus reducing the costs to food producers while offering a biobased and petroleum free alternative.

About FedDev Ontario

For 14 years, the Government of Canada, through FedDev Ontario, has worked to advance and diversify the southern Ontario economy through funding opportunities and business services that support innovation, growth and job creation in Canada’s most populous region. The Agency has delivered impressive results, which can be seen in southern Ontario businesses that are creating innovative technologies, improving productivity, growing revenues, creating jobs, and in the economic advancement of communities across the region. Learn more about the impacts the Agency is having in southern Ontario by exploring our pivotal projects, our Southern Ontario Spotlight, and FedDev Ontario’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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