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Read each respective document in entirely by selecting the policy name from the list below.

The purpose of these guidelines is to establish a standard of conduct applicable to all members of the board of directors, management, employees and/or contracted personnel and consultants.

The purpose of this policy is to achieve and maintain diversity among board members and in identifying qualified individuals who become directors, while staying in alignment with the 'for profit' sector and government initiatives as they relate to diversity, equality and inclusion.

The purpose is intended to preserve and promote the reputation of both Bioindustrial Innovation Canada and the individual directors. Conflicts of interest will arise from time to time, and the purpose of this Policy is to give directors and BIC a clear road map to follow to identify and track awareness of these inevitable situations.

Having regard to the Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Objectives of BIC, it is critical that the corporation have a policy with respect to development, management and ownership of intellectual property rights that arise throughout the investment process and assistance as provided to its investee companies.

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