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  • $3 Million in Funding

    Announced June 10, 2016 at the Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park the Funding will support research, biocluster development, and commercialization of Ontario's bioeconomy.
  • Global

    Visitors are now coming from around the world – Brazil, U.S, UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Malaysia and other countries - to learn how Sarnia is succeeding as a Hybrid Chemistry cluster.
  • Training

    Lambton College is a key partner in developing courses for green technologies
  • Commercial Scale Plant

    In Sarnia, BioAmber Inc. is now building its full-scale plant for succinic acid and S4CO2 is building its algae production facilities for high value chemicals.
  • Government

    Funding came through the partnership with Western University and a CECR (Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research) grant from NSERC.
  • Pilot Plant

    Our accelerator now houses the pilot and demonstration-scale operations of three innovative companies – Woodland Biofuels, KMX Corporation and GreenCore Composites.
  • Agriculture

    We see a strong connection to the farming community for Biomass and use of their waste straw and corn stover.
  • Accelerator

    The accelerator facility at the Sarnia-Lambton Campus of the Western University Research Park provides a benchmark for future development of other bioindustrial clusters across Canada.

Catalyst for Canada’s First Hybrid Chemistry Cluster

BIC's initial goal from the outset has been to position the Sarnia-Lambton region as a world-scale Hybrid Chemistry Cluster.

The first step was to establish a premier accelerator facility (Bowman Centre) at the Sarnia-Lambton Campus of the Western University Research Park. This formed the nucleus of what would become a benchmark for future development of bioindustrial clusters across Ontario and Canada.

The Accelerator today houses the pilot and demonstration-scale operations of three highly innovative companies – Woodland Biofuels, GreenCore Composites and KmX Corporation. BioAmber, Suncor Ethanol and other green and sustainable businesses are also staking their future in Sarnia as part of the Hybrid Chemistry Cluster.

Today visitors are coming from around the world to learn how and why Sarnia is succeeding in integrating green and sustainable chemistry with its traditional petroleum industries, as well as to explore partnership opportunities.

$12 Million FedDev Funding for BIC
For Bio-Based Innovation in Sarnia-Lambton

Residents of the Sarnia-Lambton region will benefit from more jobs for the middle class - and those working hard to join it - as a result of a $12-million investment to support the sustainable chemistry and bio-based industrial sector.

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Bioindustrial Innovation Canada (BIC) Announces New Executive Director

Murray McLaughlin will step down as the Executive Director for BIC, but will continue on in the role of Government and Partner Relations.

Sandy Marshall will step in as the Executive Director of BIC effective July 1, 2016. Sandy brings a strong industry background to the role, having spent 30 years in various capacities with Polysar, Bayer, and Lanxess.  Sandy has been a member of the BIC Board since 2008 and the Chairman for the last 3 years and has a strong understanding of the organization and its role. Sandy quoted “I am very excited about this opportunity to grow BIC into the future.  Murray has done an outstanding job as Executive Director building BIC and I look forward to his continued support and mentorship”.


Building The Future Through The Bioeconomy

The Sarnia cluster is a key factor in reaching Canada's biotech horizon.

What is the bioeconomy?  It is the focus on building a resource-efficient and sustainable economy. As Canada develops a strategy for its bioeconomy, we need to understand the full scope and definition as The knowledge-based production and utilization of biological resources to provide products, processes, and services in all sectors of trade and industry within the framework of a clean and sustainable economic system.

For over 70 years the petrochemical industry drove significant global growth and an expanded chemistry industry. But, control of greenhouse gas is creating transformation and development of a hybrid chemistry industry, setting a new global standard for the 21st century.

This shift puts Canada in a unique position to become a global leader in the world of chemistry. We have the  resources to create a sustainable hybrid chemistry industry. The resources are agriculture, forestry, and waste materials. The knowledge is within Canada’s universities and industries, or other areas of the globe that need our natural resources.


$3 Million Funding Announcement
Reza Moridi, Ontario Minister of Research and Innovation

Announced June 10, 2016 at the Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park the Funding will support research, biocluster development, and commercialization of Ontario's bioeconomy.

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View the Results of
Bioindustrial Innovation Canada's (BIC) 2nd annual
BioProducts Cluster Workshop

Held March 30-31, 2016 in Mississauga, Ontario.

Cellulosic Biorefining - From the Farm to the Customer

In September 2014, BIC was awarded funding by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to lead the nationally focused BioProducts AgSci Cluster focused on commercially viable clean technology based research and development in agriculture based bioproducts, bioproducts supply chains and supporting systems, processes and sustainable practices.

View the Videos Here

The first annual event attracted a wide range of industry, institutional and government representatives. Attendees learned about the vision and objectives of the AgSci Cluster and its positive contribution to the bioeconomy.



The BIC plays a major role in translating Southwestern Ontario's strengths...

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The BIC is a member of the MITACS Accelerate Consortium.

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