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Creating Jobs and Economic Value Sustainably for Canada

We are Bioindustrial Innovation Canada

Bioindustrial Innovation Canada (BIC) is a nationally focused not-for-profit business accelerator based in Sarnia, Ontario.

BIC is focused on enabling Canada to become globally recognized leaders in sustainability by:

  • converting renewable resources, such as agricultural and forestry by-products and

    residues, into value-added bioenergy, biofuel, biochemical and biomaterials

  • efficiently using the world’s limited resources (eg. water, energy) through innovative


  • recovering and reusing the world’s limited resources within the circular economy

for use in a wide range of commercial applications along the chemistry value chain to advanced manufacturing including automotive and aerospace.

A tactic to accomplish global leadership has been the development of sustainable chemistry clusters across Canada. For example, the hybrid chemistry cluster in Sarnia-Lambton is well positioned to become a North American leader in industrial bioproducts manufacturing. BIC has played a key role in developing biomass supply chain capability and attracting anchor companies to the region, which form key assets in the cluster's chemistry value chain.

BIC is now focused on developing a second sustainable chemistry cluster in the St. Lawrence Corridor, near Brockville, Ontario.

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We support SMEs in Southern & Eastern Ontario by providing them funding and service support.
BIC further focuses on critical strategic capital investment in SME’s with compelling business plans where innovation in science and engineering can bring about major advances in sustainable chemistry. Sustainable chemistry is playing an important role in the development of solutions to the impacts of climate change, peak oil, energy security, the need for safe water, and the use of scarce natural resources.
The increasing global demand for green and safer products offers the opportunity to create thousands of new jobs for Canadians. BIC’s proven approach for clean, green and sustainable chemistry-based companies offers an ideal platform for the investment necessary to advance hybrid chemistry value chains, providing not only regional economic development and job benefits, but access to global markets.
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BIC, from its inception, has focused on sustainable chemistry innovation. Currently, BIC has invested in 30 early-stage companies through its Sustainable Chemistry Alliance Investment Fund (SCA Fund).

BIC champions commercialization, cluster and value chain development by providing business advice, technical services and project funding to support participating small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).