Xyler FC fungicide receives EPA registration

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Toronto, Canada (October 24, 2019)  Potato growers have a new way to combat pythium and phytophthora with Xyler FC. The US Environmental Protection Agency recently registered Xyler FC fungicide (metalaxyl) and it becomes the fifth product in Vive Crop Protection’s lineup. 


Xyler FC provides the flexibility to be applied in-furrow or foliar. According to David Pratt, Technical Sales Agronomist at Vive, “We expect most potato farmers will use it at plant because the in-furrow application is so simple and effective. Applying fungicides prior to infection provides the most effective disease management. In fact, metalaxyl/mefenoxam-based fungicides are considered the first line of defense against soilborne diseases and that can have a significant effect on yield and tuber quality.”

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Midac FC insecticide receives EPA registration

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Toronto, Canada (October 8, 2019)  Potato and sugarbeet growers who want long-lasting control of sucking and chewing pests have a unique new tool. The US Environmental Protection Agency recently registered Midac FC (imidacloprid) and it becomes the newest addition to Vive Crop Protection’s product lineup. 

“For many years, farmers have had to choose between applying liquid fertilizer at planting, or protecting the crop with imidacloprid. Equipment modifications were required, or the product needed to be applied at much lower rates as a seed treatment. Now, with new Midac FC, farmers can apply both liquid fertilizer and imidacloprid at planting, and at a rate that will provide long-lasting control of key pests in potatoes and sugarbeets,” says Dan Bihlmeyer, VP Sales & Marketing at Vive Crop Protection.

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CO2 GRO Inc. announces Positive Tobacco Grow Trial Results for a Biopharma Company

TORONTO, ON – September 24, 2019 – Toronto based CO2 GRO Inc. (“GROW”) (TSX-V: GROW, OTCQB: BLONF, Frankfurt: 4021) is excited to announce statistically significant positive results from a tobacco plant R&D grow trial for a Biopharma company (“Customer”). The Customer, who has requested not to be named as per the non-disclosure agreement signed by the parties, currently produces and sells a human drug that is extracted from inoculating young tobacco plant leaves with a specific bacterium. The Customer also has a pipeline of other human drugs in development that will be produced using the same plant inoculation process. The trial was conducted by the University of Guelph. Pre-inoculated tobacco plants were grown using GROW’s CO2 Delivery Solutions versus a control of no CO2. 

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Woodland Biofuels receives $4.7 million investment from the federal government

August 27, 2019 - Kate Young, the parliamentary secretary for science and sports, and public services and procurement and accessibility, made the funding announcement on behalf of Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, Amarjeet Sohi. Woodland Biofuels is getting a total of $4.7 million from Natural Resources Canada — $1.9 million from the Investments in Forest Industry Transformation program and $2.8 million from the Clean Growth Program.

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(From left to right) - Woodland CEO Greg Nuttall, Research Park Ex. Director Katherine Albion, MP Kate Young, Sarnia. August 27, 2019. (BlackburnNews photo by Colin Gowdy)

Forward Water Technologies Inc., begins commissioning its first commercial scale plant in Airdrie Alberta

July 2019 - BIC investee company, Forward Water Technologies Inc., began installing and commissioning its first commercial scale plant in Airdrie Alberta.


Forward will be demonstrating its proprietary forward osmosis process to reclaim clean re-usable water from wastewater with vastly reduced energy needs and greenhouse gas emissions compared to current processes. 


The equipment will be used to treat up to 15 m3 of wastewater per day from Oil and Gas production in Alberta and British Columbia.

Pyrowave wins Innovation Series award at the 2019 Good Chemistry Conference 

May 1, 2019  - Congratulations to Pyrowave who won the ⁦BASF Innovation Series for its innovative plastic recycling technology during the 2019 Good Chemistry Conference.

For more information visit: http://pyrowave.com/

Renix Successfully Commissions the Demonstration RenixUIX™ Unit

April 23, 2019 - LONDON, ONT - Renix understands the need to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions to capture, separate, and purify resources for the increasing needs of the global population. The world’s producers and providers need these solutions to face the looming technical and economic pressures associated with lower grade sources, increased regulation, and increased environmental and social licensing issues. 

"Renix would like to acknowledge the instrumental financial and advisory support that Bioindustrial Innovation Canada (BIC) has provided, through their Centre for Commercialization of Sustainable Chemistry Innovation (COMM SCI) program, that made the development of the demonstration RenixUIX™unit possible,” says Eduardo Cordova, Vice President of Business Development at Renix.  “BIC's support has allowed Renix to achieve this massive step towards commercialization and strengthen our presence as a separations leader in the bio-industrial, agriculture (food and beverage), industrial water, metals and minerals, and fuels and chemical sectors," says Eduardo.


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April 8, 2019 - Petrochemicals play a role in our everyday lives. Everything from the plastic handle on your toothbrush, to the rubber soles on your shoes, chances are, these products came from a petrochemical processing plant. Some might be surprised to learn that the pharmaceutical industry is also highly dependent on petrochemicals.

Check out this new blog post featuring Executive Director of Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, A.J. (Sandy) Marshall.

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March 28, 2019 - “Green crossovers – Emerging horizons in Canada’s bio-economy,” examines the potential of Canada’s “green-economy” on the expandingly diverse biotech sector and highlights the success of BioTalent Canada’s Career Focus Green Jobs and Science Horizons career placement programs and their impacts on the bio-economy, the organization’s first foray into the sustainable development sector.

Key highlights include:

  • Industry snapshots from 7 organizations that represent Canada’s green sectors both nationally and provincially

  • Bioindustrial Innovation Canada is a key partner in this report

  • Survey results from 424 new grad wage subsidy placements and their 229 industry employers

  • Over 93% of the career placements were maintained after wage subsidies ended

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March 25, 2019 - The material commonly called styrofoam is properly known as expanded polystyrene foam or EPS, which comes in a variety of colours (not to be confused with Styrofoam, a trademarked brand of extruded polystyrene foam or EPS used to make blue insulation boards. A recent report from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce found that, in 2012, 80 per cent of styrofoam waste in Canada, more than 6,500 tonnes, ended up in landfills or waterways. That's because most communities don't recycle - just 35 per cent accept polystyrene in their recycling programs, according to the Canadian Plastics Industry Association.

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