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Bioindustrial Innovation Canada Welcomes Eugene Khamzin

SARNIA, ONTARIO - To support cluster development in the Niagara region, BIC welcomes Eugene Khamzin as a Junior Project Engineer-In-Training.

Eugene holds a B.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Ottawa. He has worked within the bioenergy department at CanmetENERGY-Ottawa with a focus on testing, calibrating, and optimizing an in-situ fast-pyrolysis vapour upgrading unit. In addition, Eugene was employed during the construction of the Tweed Inc. beverage manufacturing plant, where he gained experience with project management and commissioning while gaining complementary industry knowledge of the food and beverage sector.

Eugene will focus on supporting BIC’s COMM SCI project with CHAR Technologies. CHAR Technologies is a cleantech development and services company, specializing in high temperature pyrolysis, converting woody materials and organic waste into renewable gases and biochar.

Eugene will primarily assist CHAR to setup its demonstration plant in Thorold, ON. He will also work to identify and evaluate additional COMM SCI projects with early-stage companies and conduct due diligence on potential COMM SCI investments within the Niagara Ontario region.

For more information please contact: A.J. (Sandy) Marshall Executive Director Bioindustrial Innovation Canada Email: Tel: 1.519.402.3441


Eugene Khamzin Junior Project Engineer-In-Training Bioindustrial Innovation Canada Email: Tel: 1.613.639.2846

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