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Project #1: Forward Water Technologies (FWT)

Forward Water Technologies (FWT) is revolutionizing the remediation of wastewater by breaking the water-energy paradigm and recover water that is permanently lost today.It commercializing a greener and more efficient way to purify and desalinate water, using a proprietary forward osmosis process.

This purpose of this COMM SCI project is to establish a Technical Development Centre.

Woodland Biofuels makes clean, renewable fuel at the lowest cost on the planet. Woodland's technology converts waste biomass into ethanol or other high value products.

The purpose of this COMM SCI project is to establish capacity and execute project activities to build a 21 million gallon per year transportation ethanol grade production facility in Sarnia-Lambton. 

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COMM SCI Projects

2015 - 2019

Ainsworth Energy is a developer and operator of renewable energy projects. We convert biomass and carbon-based inorganic waste products, jointly referred to as “feedstocks”, in North, Central, and South America into high-value products that will fuel our future. We do not develop technology, but rather, we identify and employ “best of breed” feedstock conversion technologies that have been adequately demonstrated or are otherwise ready for commercialization.

This purpose of this COMM SCI project is to remove barriers to commercialization relating to First Nations consultations and the development of a sustainability plan for First Nations participation. 

Advanced Chemical Technologies Inc.

Advanced Chemical Technologies Inc. (AChT) is on the leading edge of the future of green chemicals for sustainable energy and environment. AChT is transforming the methanol industry by commercializing a world-class proprietary Canadian innovation in green methanol production that utilizes CO2 and reduces carbon footprint. Methanol is a ubiquitous base chemical that can be used as a low carbon energy source or feedstock for derivative products. 

This purpose of this COMM SCI project is to mitigate the key risks of the project that represent barriers to commercialization and to determine economic viability to proceed with the next stage of development (FEED) and raise the necessary financing for the next stage (FEED).

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