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Image by Mihály Köles




March 14, 2018
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The conference included an overview of cluster activities, with a focus on future outlook, emerging trends, and further development of the bioeconomy value chain. Presentations were made from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada representatives discussing the role of agriculture in clean tech and low carbon economies, including updates on the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), Industrial Bioproducts Value Chain Roundtable, emerging policies, and Clean Tech strategy.

The Bioproducts AgSci Research Cluster is a nationally focused, agriculture-based science and technology commercialization cluster. The goals of the AgSci Cluster are to create new and growing opportunities for Canadian farmers and the agricultural sector, and to provide a competitive and profitable future for Canadian agriculture through the opening of alternate markets via the bioeconomy. Developing a pathway to agriculture-based bioproducts provides an opening to the manufacturing and energy sectors and their end markets by providing sustainable product alternatives and new markets for all forms of agriculture beyond food production.

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